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Why Jete?

Whether it’s because it’s gluten free,
or just because you love the taste
everyone has a different reason to JETE!
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Enjoy our line of nutritional energy bars
with no preservatives. Try our Original
Chocolate,Dark Chocolate or Cranberry Raisin.

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Cranberry Raisin


dark chocolate energy bar

Dark Chocolate


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gluten free bar

How Do You JETE?

It's always surprising to hear the many different reasons why all of you enjoy our gluten free JETEbars! It ranges from the simple fact that they taste good to the nutritious energy they supply - and of course so many little ones just love the big peanut butter taste. But beyond just why you enjoy our product we also love getting more insight into how you use them also!
Albertsons Market Street

We're At Albertsons Market Street!

YES! You can find JETEbar at ALBERTSONS MARKET STREET in Meridian, Idaho! We love Albertsons! We're excited to be part of this great new location just off Eagle Road and Fairview in Meridian! Look for us on the Nutritional Energy Bar section of the snack aisle - you'll see a big LOCAL label…

Find Us At The Boise Market!

Summer is in full swing here in Idaho and we're so excited to get out to the Saturday market in downtown Boise! Having a presence at the market is not only a great way for us to increase our local visibility but it's also a lot of fun to get to chat with everyone as well.You can find us most any weekend…

what others are saying about jete bars

On Denali, there was a lot of food trading going on. The only thing I couldn’t give any of my partners to give up….were their Jete bars. I ran out of mine way too quickly! They were the best tasting bars we brought up the mountain and quickly found their way into my high output day line up. I would highly recommend them to anyone for high output days or a tasty snack on a rest day.

Tommy BarkerBoise, Idaho

I gobble down Jete bars like a solar powered house takes in the sun; it’s a natural, clean energy source that helps me balance an energetic and full-filled life of triathlon training, family time and running an entrepreneurial venture. The good thing about Jete is not only that they are healthy, nutritious, and gluten-free, but they taste so good. I frequently feel like I’m a kid eating candy!

Mark RussellPublisher, Elevate
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