About Mom

“Mom’s Story” by Linda Everett

One Mother of a Bar!®

“What makes the jete (pronounced Jetty) all-natural energy bars so good? It’s made with love by mom.

Hi, my name is Linda Everett. With a gluten allergy since 1979, I decided to make my own bar after backpacking in 2010. I wanted to have something that was tasty, full of great nutrition and would stay with you during any activity. Something that could be eaten at any time and not feel guilty, even as a healthy dessert.

I went to my kitchen and combined healthy, wholesome, all-natural ingredients without preservatives. I ended up with “One Mother of a Bar!®” Soon folks were asking for my homemade nutrition bars. I call them jete bars. Why? It’s a family secret!”

Go healthy! Go active! Go jete!