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How Do You JETE?

It’s always surprising to hear the many different reasons why all of you enjoy our gluten free JETEbars!
It ranges from the simple fact that they taste good to the nutritious energy they supply – and of course so many little ones just love the big peanut butter taste. But beyond just why you enjoy our product we also love getting more insight into how you use them also!


We’re At Albertsons Market Street!

YES! You can find JETEbar at ALBERTSONS MARKET STREET in Meridian, Idaho! We love Albertsons! We’re excited to be part of this great new location just off Eagle Road and Fairview in Meridian! Look for us on the Nutritional Energy Bar section of the snack aisle – you’ll see a big LOCAL label that let’s […]

Find Us At The Boise Market!

Summer is in full swing here in Idaho and we’re so excited to get out to the Saturday market in downtown Boise! Having a presence at the market is not only a great way for us to increase our local visibility but it’s also a lot of fun to get to chat with everyone as […]


JETE is All Natural Fuel!

The human body is an amazing engine! In and of itself designed to be highly efficient no matter what task we set it to, whether it be work or play. For those dedicated souls who invest the time and sweat to train even more unbelievable feats are possible, but one thing that remains consistent: the […]


We Are Excited For Spring In Idaho!

It’s been a long Winter! Even though this last season has been somewhat mild in comparison to the snowpocalypse we saw a few years ago the colder temperatures always tend to slow things down, even for those with an active lifestyle. We know many of you are excited to greet the longer, warmer, and brighter […]