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Food on the go – How to do it right

We all have had our moments when our obligations get in the way of our eating. Whether it is family obligations, running errands, meeting work deadlines, sometimes our healthy nutritional lunch seems out of reach. However, this doesn’t have to mean that we should reach for the bowl of nachos in the work lunch room, or […]

Jete bar is now a proud member of Buy Idaho

  As most of you know, we make our bars right here, in Idaho. It only makes sense that we become a proud member of  Buy Idaho!  This organization, founded in 1986 aims to promote Idaho businesses and to incite people to support their local entrepreneurs by purchasing their products. Look for the Buy Idaho […]

Nutritional values can be found on our website and other news

for information on nutritional values of our healthy energy bars, please refer to the “Nutritional Information” page   NEWS In addition to the existing stores/partners that carry our bars, we are happy to announce that you may also purchase Jete bars at the following places : Dawson’s downtown coffee house http://www.dawsontaylor.com/Locations.aspx   At the cafeteria […]

The virtues of peanut butter in athletic performance

Whether you are an endurance athlete, a bodybuilder or simply a hard working stay at home mom, you probably have experienced issues with lacking the time to eat your required calories to function at your best. Peanut butter provides a quick fix for this. Pair it up with some fruit, or nuts and you have […]

Jete bars “on the move”…

JETE bars are here! These tasty bars are gluten, dairy, soy and egg free. They are “One mother of a bar!™“. Trust us, you don’t need to have any food allergies to enjoy our nutritional bars with no preservatives. Use as premiere snack to help you bridge to your next meal Eat them before, during […]