Summer is in full swing here in Idaho and we’re so excited to get out to the Saturday market in downtown Boise!

Idaho Energy Bars!Having a presence at the market is not only a great way for us to increase our local visibility but it’s also a lot of fun to get to chat with everyone as well.

You can find us most any weekend right on 8th Street in Boise, nestled in with all of your other favorite local vendors!

Stop in to say hello and learn more about our delicious and nutritious Idaho energy bars – and even get a taste of one!

healthy meal bar

The human body is an amazing engine!
In and of itself designed to be highly efficient no matter what task we set it to, whether it be work or play. For those dedicated souls who invest the time and sweat to train even more unbelievable feats are possible, but one thing that remains consistent: the engine of your body needs fuel!

In this day of convenience you have any number of choices when it comes to what you decide to put in your tank. At one time burgers and fries were about all you could hope for if you needed to eat on the go – maybe a gas station banana or apple if you lucked out – but with the number of marketplace stores popping up and a focus on health it’s easier and easier to find healthy choices when you need to eat. But of course, even today, those salty greasy old friends are a temptation you have to navigate around!

So, what could be better than having a healthy choice on hand all the time?
You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy them! JETE bars are easy to throw in a backpack, purse, or even your kids lunchbox so that you always have a ready option to fuel your success with food you know is good for you. JETE bars are gluten free, egg and dairy free, and a wonderful option whether you missed a meal on the go or just have a craving and don’t want to blow your gameplan.

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We all have had our moments when our obligations get in the way of our eating. Whether it is family obligations, running errands, meeting work deadlines, sometimes our healthy nutritional lunch seems out of reach. However, this doesn’t have to mean that we should reach for the bowl of nachos in the work lunch room, or the bag of m&ms left over from Halloween. We can still be mindful of the quality nutrients that our snack will contain. Consistency in the way we eat, just like in training, garrantees a consistent fuel to keep our bodies and minds energized throughout the day. 

Be prepared!

You never know when the busy days are going to take over your well organized schedule. Have a variety of snacks handy in case you do get stuck at work, or in traffic – although we encourage you to bike to work as much as possible.

Quality nutrients are key.

How do you know which foods have a high nutritional value? There are many sources out there, but Wholefoods shares a good guide to High density foods. 

It happens that our bars contain all 4  of the top values nuts and seeds listed on the guide. Here is the exctract:

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts & Seeds ANDI Score
1. Flax Seeds 103
2. Sesame Seeds 74
3. Sunflower Seeds 64
4. Peanuts 59
5. Chia Seeds 46
6. Pumpkin Seeds 39
7. Pistachios 37
8. Chestnuts 34
9. Hazelnuts 34
10. Pecans 33



Remember that not all snacking is equal. Be prepared, focus on low glycemic sugars, and healthy fats to keep you satiated. Fruits are an excellent options, raw veggies (carrots etc…), nuts, yogurt, and of course our cranberry-raisin or chocolate Jete Bar.








As most of you know, we make our bars right here, in Idaho. It only makes sense that we become a proud member of  Buy Idaho!  This organization, founded in 1986 aims to promote Idaho businesses and to incite people to support their local entrepreneurs by purchasing their products.

Look for the Buy Idaho stickers whenever you shop in your local stores.

Thank you!

The Jete Bar team.



for information on nutritional values of our healthy energy bars, please refer to the “Nutritional Information” page



In addition to the existing stores/partners that carry our bars, we are happy to announce that you may also purchase Jete bars at the following places :

Dawson’s downtown coffee house


At the cafeteria of St Luke’s hospitals (downtown Boise, Meridian, Eagle)

At Honey baked ham on fairview.


We are testing out some new flavors. If you have something in mind, feel free to drop us a line at

Thank you for your support!

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Whether you are an endurance athlete, a bodybuilder or simply a hard working stay at home mom, you probably have experienced issues with lacking the time to eat your required calories to function at your best.

Peanut butter provides a quick fix for this. Pair it up with some fruit, or nuts and you have a nutritional snack to fuel your muscles directly following your workouts.  Our bars contain gluten free oats, almonds, pecans, apples, plums and sunflower seeds. All of these ingredients, combined with our All natural peanut butter makes for the perfect recovery and pick me up snack for all ages.

Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, MS, RD, explains why she believes, as we do, that Peanut Butter is a super sports food.

Read here for full article.


By Kevin Everett
Head Triathlon Coach for Treasure Valley YMCA’s
& Professional Triathlete

I have been eating JETE Bars since 2010 when my mom started experimenting with a healthy nutritionally rich snack.  At first I enjoyed them even though gluten seemed not to be an issue for me.  How could it be?  I was training and racing as a professional triathlete, I felt good most of the time if not just about all the time.  Yet my mom, who found out in 1979 that she was intolerant to gluten, kept suggesting that my subtle symptoms might be due to the same intolerance.  ‘No way’, I would think, feeling threatened about losing a source of tasty and easy to eat food.  Mostly from the fact that I couldn’t fathom giving up all things wheat; I obtained massive amounts of pleasure from these gluten foods.

With enough jabbing she convinced me to try a gluten free diet for an upcoming race.  Comforted by the fact that she would make sure I had plenty of JETE bars helped immensely curb the desire for yummie wheat products.  About a month before the 2012 Ironman Arizona race I cut out all things wheat.  The race was exceptional and I noticed improvements to my health.  Unfortunately, this meant facing the fact that gluten might be holding me back and I may have eaten my last doughnut.

That race helped to continue being gluten low, I would avoid gluten but I did not obsess about saying, “No thank you, I can’t eat that; I have a gluten allergy”.  I really wanted to avoid being that guy.

I have been gluten low since October 2012 and gluten free since August 2013 and it has been a long road of nutritional discovery to get here.

I have had two accidental doses of gluten since late summer, fries at a restaurant that were fried together with other batter that contained wheat and some salsa that was using gluten as a ‘filler’.  Both times a couple hours later my gut cramped up and it had me moaning in pain.  I have no problem being the guy that now says, “No thank you, I have a gluten allergy.”

With my tolerance down, ingesting gluten floors me.  It amazes me to think back over the last couple decades that my body dealt with the subtle and not so subtle ‘poisoning’ pretty well.

Improvements since being gluten free:

  • *At age 38 I had my best season ever including winning the LA Triathlon.
  • *Without a doubt my digestion is, let’s say, more solid all-around.
  • *My weight has come down (from mid-160’s to mid-150’s).
  • *A skin rash, on my lower left leg that baffled me and my dermatologist for over a decade, vanished.
  • *I had learned to deal with bloating not even noticing it as a symptom, in hindsight is sucks and I no longer need to deal with it.
  • *This ties in with my all-around more solid digestion; no more gas.
  • *I eat better due to the simple fact that I have to carefully choose less processed foods and seek out more whole foods.
  • *Every indication from my training and racing as a professional triathlete shows improvement across the board.  I am healthier and more fit at age 39 than I have ever been in my life.
  • *With the help of healthy choices like JETE Bar I no longer miss doughnuts…well sometimes my wife does have an awfully yummie looking croissant.

I have been using the JETE Bar for everything from snacks, to meal replacements, to dessert while eating them before, during and after training and racing.  The process of going gluten free would not have been as empowering or as enjoyable without them.

I am grateful to my mom for opening my eyes and for her support.  I would not have been able to start making the necessary changes without her help and guidance.  She really makes One Mother of a Bar!™