We all have had our moments when our obligations get in the way of our eating. Whether it is family obligations, running errands, meeting work deadlines, sometimes our healthy nutritional lunch seems out of reach. However, this doesn’t have to mean that we should reach for the bowl of nachos in the work lunch room, or the bag of m&ms left over from Halloween. We can still be mindful of the quality nutrients that our snack will contain. Consistency in the way we eat, just like in training, garrantees a consistent fuel to keep our bodies and minds energized throughout the day. 

Be prepared!

You never know when the busy days are going to take over your well organized schedule. Have a variety of snacks handy in case you do get stuck at work, or in traffic – although we encourage you to bike to work as much as possible.

Quality nutrients are key.

How do you know which foods have a high nutritional value? There are many sources out there, but Wholefoods shares a good guide to High density foods. 

It happens that our bars contain all 4  of the top values nuts and seeds listed on the guide. Here is the exctract:

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts & Seeds ANDI Score
1. Flax Seeds 103
2. Sesame Seeds 74
3. Sunflower Seeds 64
4. Peanuts 59
5. Chia Seeds 46
6. Pumpkin Seeds 39
7. Pistachios 37
8. Chestnuts 34
9. Hazelnuts 34
10. Pecans 33



Remember that not all snacking is equal. Be prepared, focus on low glycemic sugars, and healthy fats to keep you satiated. Fruits are an excellent options, raw veggies (carrots etc…), nuts, yogurt, and of course our cranberry-raisin or chocolate Jete Bar.