JETE bars are here! These tasty bars are gluten, dairy, soy and egg free. They are “One mother of a bar!.
Trust us, you don’t need to have any food allergies to enjoy our nutritional bars with no preservatives.
  • Use as premiere snack to help you bridge to your next meal
  • Eat them before, during and after exercising
  • Most of all, we love them for dessert!
Thanks to everyone who has made our journey possible. We are happy to be live” on the web, order our amazing bars today. Share your stories with us, we will be glad to post them right here on
You can purchase bars online from anywhere in the U.S., so if you don’t live in Boise, don’t worry, we have your nutritional energy needs covered.
For the last few weeks, we have been busy locally and nationally, helping others discover our products. Our bars have traveled to Oregon, Ohio, California, Nevada, Florida and have been tested at many events around Boise.
Bandanna running store runs a weekly run/walk on Mondays as “Meet me Monday”. Its mission is to “improve the health of our community by bringing friends and families together while enjoying the beauty of our city.” This falls right in line with one of our motto’s “Go Healthy, Go Active, Go JETE!  Linda, our CEO and baker, spoke about what makes her bars so tasty and healthy.
We also provided samples to the YMCA Regional swim meet – more than 500 hardworking and hungry swimmers!
Finally, the Boise Aeros triathlon club is off to their yearly training camp in Nevada with a load of energy in their pocket. We hope you enjoy them and come back for more.
Please help us spread the word about JETE and share our page. Come back often for nutritional news, updates and JETE bar happenings.