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We love getting out to the Boise Market and doing demos in our locations out in Meridian at Albertsons Market Street! One big reason is because it affords us the opportunity to get to meet all of the people who enjoy our delicious energy bars, find out what they love, and get to know you better!

It’s always surprising to hear the many different reasons why all of you enjoy our gluten free JETEbars!
It ranges from the simple fact that they taste good to the nutritious energy they supply – and of course so many little ones just love the big peanut butter taste. But beyond just why you enjoy our product we also love getting more insight into how you use them also!

For a lot of parents it’s a good on-the-go grab snack for those super busy activity days when you don’t want to sacrifice nutrition for convenience.

For a number of athletes and folks living the active lifestyle we know good all natural fuel is vital, and it’s great to find out who is eating them before workouts or after workouts and how that impacts their specific pursuit. Hikers and outdoors enthusiasts love the long lasting energy our bars provide; runners and other high energy sports enjoy the great recovery fuel!

In our recent interaction with our web development team we’ve even discovered a whole new fan base for what we do – the busy office worker! Long days and hectic schedules are a sure recipe for impulse eating; we are so happy to hear that our little tech friends are able to improve their health by eating right on those late nights.

So the question is: How Do You JETE?

We’d love to hear about what you’re doing to enjoy living life and how you incorporate our bars in all your adventures!
Be sure to share your pictures and reviews on our social media!

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Albertsons Market Street

YES! You can find JETEbar at ALBERTSONS MARKET STREET in Meridian, Idaho!

We love Albertsons! We’re excited to be part of this great new location just off Eagle Road and Fairview in Meridian! Look for us on the Nutritional Energy Bar section of the snack aisle – you’ll see a big LOCAL label that let’s you know we’re from right here in IDAHO!

Don’t see JETE in your favorite store?
Talk to the manager! DEMAND JETE! Let them know how much you love our delicious peanut buttery taste so they’ll add us to their list of vendors!

Don’t worry – you can always order right here on our website!

healthy meal bar

The human body is an amazing engine!
In and of itself designed to be highly efficient no matter what task we set it to, whether it be work or play. For those dedicated souls who invest the time and sweat to train even more unbelievable feats are possible, but one thing that remains consistent: the engine of your body needs fuel!

In this day of convenience you have any number of choices when it comes to what you decide to put in your tank. At one time burgers and fries were about all you could hope for if you needed to eat on the go – maybe a gas station banana or apple if you lucked out – but with the number of marketplace stores popping up and a focus on health it’s easier and easier to find healthy choices when you need to eat. But of course, even today, those salty greasy old friends are a temptation you have to navigate around!

So, what could be better than having a healthy choice on hand all the time?
You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy them! JETE bars are easy to throw in a backpack, purse, or even your kids lunchbox so that you always have a ready option to fuel your success with food you know is good for you. JETE bars are gluten free, egg and dairy free, and a wonderful option whether you missed a meal on the go or just have a craving and don’t want to blow your gameplan.

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idaho's energy barIt’s been a long Winter!
Even though this last season has been somewhat mild in comparison to the snowpocalypse we saw a few years ago the colder temperatures always tend to slow things down, even for those with an active lifestyle.

We know many of you are excited to greet the longer, warmer, and brighter days ahead and so are we at Jetebar!

The warm months means getting out to see all of our friends at the local Saturday Boise Market; we always love getting to talk with folks and tell them about our tasty nutritional bars in person. You will be able to look forward to some other changes here on our website as well as on our Facebook page as well as we start to kick things into high gear in order to bring our dedication to deliciousness to the internet far and wide!

You don’t have to wait until Spring to get your delicious Idaho made Jete Bars!
Order Jete Bar online today to find out what the excitement is all about, we know you’ll love them!