“I gobble down Jete bars like a solar powered house takes in the sun; it’s a natural, clean energy source that helps me balance an energetic and full-filled life of triathlon training, family time and running an entrepreneurial venture. The good thing about Jete is not only that they are healthy, nutritious, and gluten-free, but they taste so good. I frequently feel like I’m a kid eating candy!”

Mark RussellPublisher, Elevate elevatepub.com

“Hands down the best nutritional energy bar I’ve ever had! They taste amazing and are my new go to snack or meal.”

Shiloah WilsonAnnual Giving Director - YMCA

This bar saved my life.  I was hiking and just completed a long climb when I passed out from heat stroke.  I was left nauseous and weak but had no choice but to continue the long return hike in the hot sun.  Eventually I found a shady spot and pulled out my Jete bar and water.  Even in my weak condition, I could appreciate how tasty and healthy the bar was.  It was filling and satisfying and got me safely home.  I will never go hiking again without one.  Thank you!

Cindy T.

I love Jete bar.  Delicious and nutritious.

Jacob Andrews

They call me the Jete Yeti.

Jenna Lynn

I have to tell you I can imagine you should be selling thousands of these a week. These are amazing. Thank you! I have celiac disease and so does my fiance. We both love them


“Jete bar has been the perfect blend of nutrition, fantastic taste and pure ingredients I can trust. As an athlete who has food intolerances, Jete bars have kept me going and satisfied my craving for home made. Jete enthusiast for almost 2 years!”

Jan SalisburyExecutive Coach

I had been a distance runner and short and mid distance triathlete for years before I decided to attempt a full iron distance triathlon. In shorter races, I found that I could fuel adequately using shot blocks and energy gels. However, in marathons and half iron distance triathlons, I frequently ran into gastrointestinal issues and nausea when I attempted to use only engineered calories in the amount my body required for that length of time.

For my Ironman, I decided to train with “real” food, and my body handled things much better. I would ride & run carrying things peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, boiled potatoes, and bananas – my body tolerated these well, but these foods were both large and heavy. I needed real food that was portable and calorie dense. This is where Jete Bars made all the difference. I cut three bars into small cubes and put them in my bento box, and took a bite every 10 minutes. Most were finished on the bike, the rest on the run, and I finished feeling strong. Most importantly, I had no GI issues at all, and the bars are delicious. They are now a regular part of my training. Highly recommended!

Toni R.

I will definitely recommend these to my athlete students and patients we might see who would like gluten free energy bars. One thing that is unique about your bars is that they are heart healthy – made chol free, with almonds and flax. There may be use for these beyond your athlete….perhaps heart patients. I definitely endorse these as a great energy source for endurance activities.

SeAnne SafaiiPhD, RD, LD Associate Professor University of Idaho

I had the pleasure of trying Jete bars for the first time on an expedition to Denali in 2018. Nutrition and taste are fundamental when choosing our diet for our expedition. At altitude things can taste different if not downright unappealing so we brought a broad assortment of energy bars from different companies for our three weeks on the mountain. The Jete bar was by far one of my favorites and they were eaten the soonest! They have just the right amount of moisture, nutrition and energy to keep me going through a hard day at altitude. Will not hesitate to take more on my next high adventure outing!

Mike NelsonLas Vegas,Nevada